Unit 1.1 :: Introduction

“I hear & I think,   I see & I remember,   I do & I know”


Course Overview


The aim of this course is to educate, to inform and to promote safe practice within the treatment of eyelash extensions.  It is designed to help  you to identify contraindications, skin types and to manage risk assessment for a lash treatment. Theory and practical application along with client contact in a real environment will enhance your knowledge and skills.


These lessons should be thoroughly studied and your own research should be carried out.  This will give you a  firm understanding of our lash application technique.  On-going study is advised to help build and add to the knowledge acquired.  Treatments change, products become more sophisticated.  Therefore, it is the responsibility of each and every one of us to keep upgrading our knowledge and skills.  With the underpinning knowledge and practice this course gives, it is possible to be competent in eyelash extension application within months. Nevertheless, it is advised that continuous study of materials, equipment and skills is maintained and updated as regularly as is practicable.



During this course client consultation skills will be explored. The Management of clients and their needs is a crucial part of our skill. We need to give the client as much information as possible during a consultation and we never ever perform a treatment without a consultation. Being able to inform, advise and step back to allow the client to make his/her decision is very important.



These lessons will help you to recall all the important points and advise you of procedures. It is your responsibility to be kind, understanding, build a good reputation and most importantly, to be safe within your practice of this treatment.



So what is an eyelash extension?


Unlike party lashes (strip lash, cluster lash) that only last up to 24 hours, a lash technician uses a strong professional lash extension glue to attach a super fine synthetic lash to the natural eyelash.  This is a painless procedure but it needs the hands of a skillful professional lash technician.


With proper care, lash extensions can last for six weeks until they naturally fall out according to the growth cycle of the natural eyelash.  Eyelash extensions are a semi-permanent treatment using salon-grade products and should only be done by certified professionals.


Lash extensions are totally customizable depending on the wearer’s eye shapes and tastes and they can look from very natural to uber dramatic.


Eyelash extensions come with a huge benefit.  They will make your client’s eyes ‘pop’,  and look noticeably more dramatic yet feminine.  The lash extensions create an effortlessly beautiful eye line, curl, and length of lash.  Your clients will love skipping the morning eye-makeup routine!


eyelash extension 101- beginner's guide



Will it damage your client’s natural lashes?


If done properly, the eyelash extension process is very safe.  There are always risks of getting problems like allergies, eye infection, and loss of natural lashes but this is NOT a direct side effect of getting eyelash extensions itself but mostly caused by unprofessionally executed lash extension placement.

A good lash technician is equipped with a vast amount of product knowledge, experiences, and techniques that respect the health and safety of lash clients and a great artistic styling skill.   Up To My Eye’s lash students will use high-quality tools, lash extensions, and glue/remover, and  will know which type of product is the best fit for whom. That way, risks for allergies and lash loss can be greatly reduced!


How long does the lash extension application take?


It can take from about 1.5 to 4 hours for students to do initial applications, depending on the style you want to reach. With experience, a set of classis lashes will take approx 1.15 to 2 hours. A refill (touch-up) will take an hour.  Your client’s will need a refill every three to four weeks.


How long will eyelash extensions lash for?


Generally, 4-6 weeks. The touch-ups are needed every three to four weeks, depending on the growth of the natural lashes.



How much can I charge and how much profit will I make?


The price you charge will vary greatly based on the following:  location of your practise, the level of  experience you have and the style of eyelash extensions (classic vs volume vs mega-volume) that  your client will choose.  Usually, a beautiful classic lash set costs from between €90 to €130.   Your outlay for products will cost you approximately €15 per treatment so the balance, less other expenses such as Insurance & utilities, is all profit.




Are Mink eyelash extensions cruelty-free?


Although most lash artists call their lashes ‘mink lashes’, in fact, those lashes are mostly NOT real animal hair but it is a synthetic PBT material that mimics the shine of animal mink hair.


What’s next?
Now that your first Eyelash Extensions free-to-view unit is complete, navigate back to the Course Curriculum page to proceed to the next unit. If you haven’t already done so, to continue with the course beyond the free units, you will need to apply to the salon, arrange payment and the delivery details for your Training Kit to continue.

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