Unit 2.1 :: Health & Safety at Work

Health and Safety

Eyelash extension procedures naturally  involve working very close to the eye and the face and therefore should be carried out hygienically and by an experienced person. It is important however, that anyone having this treatment knows what to expect from the procedure and is aware of any problems that may occur, for example:

  • Allergic reactions.  

  • Localised or general infection due to poor aftercare.

It is always necessary to give detailed advice on aftercare and you are required by insurance to also give a written aftercare sheet for the client to follow.



A basic understanding of safety law is essential – many pitfalls to business can be easily avoided when equipped with basic relevant knowledge, and of course it is important that employees and customers are aware of their rights too. There are two types of law of which you should be aware:  Criminal Law and Civil Law.


CRIMINAL LAW is concerned with the prosecution of offenders in the criminal courts. Offences may be committed if obligation imposed by Rule of Law, Acts of Parliament / Dail, or Regulation is ignored. Anyone found guilty of a criminal offence may be liable to a fine or, more rarely, imprisonment and will have a criminal record.


CIVIL LAW is concerned with legal claims presented by persons, companies or organisations against another. The purpose of such claims is generally to secure compensation or award for damages. Civil claims may be made on a number of grounds, for example:
Breach of contract;
Negligence (this involves failure to take ‘reasonable care’).
Breach of statutory duty.


Businesses need to give careful thought as to the type and amount of insurance appropriate to them.  Having Insurance for each treatment you do will give you peace of mind and can provide cover if someone claims as a direct result of any proceedure that goes wrong or that clients have a reaction to.  It is very important however that you carry out the Insurance Companies’ “requirements for treatments” as failure to do so will result in no cover in the case of a claim.   Insurance can provide financial cover against accidents, civil claims and other losses.  It is important to remember though that some losses cannot be insured against, for example criminal fines or the ‘hidden costs’ of accidents such as loss of business and reputation.  Insurance should not be seen as a substitute for safe practice.

One form of insurance which is compulsory; is public liability insurance, this type of Insurance protects employees and clients. Employers are required by law to take out insurance against their liability to pay damages for bodily injury or illness to their employees or customers, due to their work. Under the Employers’ Liability (Compulsory Insurance) Act 1969 this insurance must be taken out with authorised insurers. We recommend you start by getting a quote with AIT (Allied Irish Therapists) We have included their advertising below for your interest.


Associated Beauty Therapists Ireland (ABT Ireland) offers one of the most comprehensive insurance and membership packages available today. 
With over 30 years internal beauty market experience and representing over 18,000 professional therapists, students and salon owners, ABT Ireland is internationally recognised for its membership packages offered at the lowest prices possible without compromise.


€6.5 MILLION Professional Liability Insurance.
€6.5 MILLION Public Liability Insurance.
€6.5 MILLION Product Liability Insurance.
€6.5 MILLION Medical Malpractice/Treatment Risk Insurance.
€150,000 Legal & Tax Protection Package.
Student Membership is available. Call ABT for prices.
Student Insurance Includes all membership benefits listed along with our comprehensive insurance package which is offered through Catlin Insurance Company (UK) Ltd. and DAS Legal Expenses Insurance Company Ltd. as outlined within the policy wording and explanatory booklet. Cover is for all the standard beauty treatments and is subject to the student limitation as found within the application form.






The Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 is still the main piece of legislation in this field. It applies to all people at work: employers, employees and Self-employed. No business is too small to escape the duties under this piece of legislation. The Act requires employers to safeguard, as far as reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare at work of the people at work. Also, both employers and self-employed must have regard to the health and safety of customers, visitors and others that might be affected by their activities (or lack of them).








The Irish Medical Board, who is responsible for the health and safety enforcement for the majority of Beauty/Body Piercing/Tattooing businesses, provide useful advice on all sorts of health and safety issues, particularly to those just setting up in business.



All beauty treatments should be carried out in a clean and hygienic surrounding.  The treatment room should comply with the following standards:

 1)  Smooth, non-absorbent surfaces, which can be easily cleaned and disinfected.

2)  The structure, furniture and fittings should be kept in good repair.

3)  A comfortable reclining chair with a cover that can be easily cleaned e.g. vinyl. (Cover the area with a paper towel and replace after each client).

4)  Adequate lighting to enable the practitioner to see the areas being treated clearly.

5)  Sufficient room for moving around the bed and working safely.

6)  A fully stocked first aid kit, in accordance with Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981.7)

7)  Facilities for the proper and safe disposal of waste.

8)  No smoking, eating or drinking should be allowed in the treatment room.

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