2) What is Lipmentation?


Lipmentation is a procedure whereby pigments are softly penetrated into the very top layer of the lips, to deliver colour where it is needed. It is the lightest technique of lip tattooing in the world. It defines the vermilion border, cupid’s bow & lateral commissionaires, whilst filling the upper and lower lips with colour . The appearance is completely natural, soft and defining and blends with or without an already defined vermilion line.  The newest technology in pigment and technique is used in Lipmentation which allows it to stay in place regardless of how light the pressure used to apply the pigment.  

How does it differ from other lip tattoos?

Lipmentation is like no other lip  tattoo on the market in Ireland today. With knowledge gleaned from specialists in Hong Kong, Malaysia & Moscow, it has been four years in developing the technique. The hard work and research has finally paid off and the results are breathtaking. Lipmentation is unique in that it delivers stunning natural colour without traumatising the lips AND with no down time for the client!  

Will your client get the result they want immediately?

Immediately after the procedure your clients lips will look like they have lip gloss on, and they might be slightly swollen. This will not hinder them from going about their daily duties as it is barely noticeable. 

Approximately 5 days after the application, your clients lips will appear to have lost all of the newly applied colour and they need to be forewarned about this at their consultation. This is because the lips vacillate.

The  colour will appear back again after a couple of weeks. At that stage they are ready for their second appointment. The extra layer of colour you will  implant on their lips will make the colour more vibrant.

They will fade again over the course of the next few weeks, but not so much that they can’t see the colour. In and around the 3rd week after the second appointment, your client should be able to see the colour re-emerge.

Everybody has different requirements and a significant amount of our clients are happy with just two appointments, but we always recommend the third appointment to help with longevity. It’s up to your client to choose, they have all the control. 

Is Lipmentation painful?

There is no visual downtime, the procedure is virtually painless and the side effects are temporary. Some swelling and whiteness in and around the area, with exaggerated colour of the vermilion lasts for a few hours after the treatment. A sensation of dryness will last for approx. 4-5 days but  lip aftercare will minimise this.

Can your client choose a shape & colour?

It takes careful attention and observation to evaluate each client’s own unique turns, tucks, folds and roundness of the mouth and lips. But the time and patience is well worth it; with our pragmatic and well-observed structure in place, we will help you choose the best colour and shape for your client.

The colour choice is limitless and we will impart all of our knowledge and expertise in Lipmentation to help you make the right decision to suit your client’s skin tone and personality.

Are there any contraindications for Lipmentation?

If your client has ever suffered from a cold sore, they will almost certainly break out with fever blisters / cold sores after their Lipmentation procedure. In order to help prevent this from occurring, it is absolutely essential that you advise your client to go to their doctor to get a prescription for Zovirax. This needs to be taken as prescribed, prior to the procedure.  Failure to follow these instructions may result in a break out.  For those that are not prone to cold sores, we would still recommend all clients to go on a course of Lysine natural amino acid which are available at health stores nationwide.

 You will not be able to carry out the treatment if your client has cuts on the lips or unusual bumps that you are not familiar with.  In this instance, the client should investigate any concerns with their G.P.

 Temporary dental treatment like braces and tooth implants need to be completely finished and settled.

We do not recommend Lipmentation if your client is in the middle of lip filler procedure. Your client should either wait until the Lipmentation treatment is finished before starting the application of collagen or alternatively, finish all lip augmentation procedures first and then get the lips coloured with Lipmentation.

What’s next?

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